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Cowboy Hat

In recent time, hats are available in a variety of features and are recognized by the consumers for their unique style as well as the way it’s designed. Th popular companies which deal in producing these cowboy hats are Stetson, Zach, Toby Keith, Serratelli and Greely. While choosing these hats, you must ask yourself “what I am going to use for it?” Once you have found your answer decide in which season you want yo wear summer or winter? There are a different type of hats to choose for the summer or cold months.

Winter Cowboy Hat

The great example for this winter hats is Stetson, Resistol, Milano, or Greeley. There are two major types of felt hats that include wool and fur felt.

Wool Cowboy Hats

This wool felt is made from the most obviously wool but, it also includes another felt bison as well. Although, they are very cheap and very warm, but not very resistant to weather. A good wool hat will last typically for one to two seasons at its best.

Fur Felt Cowboy Hats

These felt hats come in variations of pure and mixed furs from a wide variety of animals. The best and most popular fur to make a hat out of is beaver that makes the hat highly resistant to weather as well as durable. Some other felts which are used to design these hats are rabbit, mohair, cashmere, angora, hare, nutria, and the list goes on and on.

Summer Cowboy Hat

If you are looking for summer hats then probably you want to protect your head from the sun. the types of summer hat materials are :

Palm Leaf

Acknowledged for high durability, flexibility, and versatility, these hat styles come in different types Mexican, Guatemalan, finished, and bleach finished.

Rafia/ Sea Grass

this style is the most popular among the urban crowds, and known as the “Beach Cowboy Hats”. Very light in weight and flexible, they have a “shape-yourself” feature.


Most of the “straw” hats are no longer designed using any straw, although most of them are made using a Japanese paper yarn called Shantung.