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Guide to Buy Girls Cowboy Hats

A wide range of materials are used to make girls cowboy hats. The most widely used materials are straw and felt (prepared from beaver or rabbit fur). However, there are hats which are made of leather, wool, and occasionally with beer box.

When looking to purchase a girls cowboy hat, you will have to determine which quality hat you would like to wear. The quality is usually signified by the total number of Xs present on the hat. The more the X is in number, the finer will be the quality.

In felt girls cowboy hats, the X number signifies the quantity of rabbit fur and beaver fur present in them. The higher the amount of beaver fur the softer and more durable the cowboy hat will be. The percentage to number of Xs differs from one manufacturer to another. If a hat manufacturer uses 50X to indicate 50% beaver materials, a 4X cowboy hat may have 85% rabbit to 15% beaver materials.

If taken care of properly, a high quality felt cowboy hat can last anywhere between 20 years to 40 years or even more. So, when the hats are more costly, they are likely to last a longer period of time.

In straw cowboy hats, the Xs represent the quality of the straw materials used in them and how strongly they were woven. The finer their quality and the stronger their weaving, the higher would be considered their value.

Tips to Buy Girls Cowboy Hats

  1. Determine what kind of cowboy hat you would like to buy. There is a wide range of designs and styles: Bull Hide cowboy hat, Reba cowgirl hat, Julia cowgirl hat, Scala Twisted Suede hats, wide brimmed cowboy hats, and many more.
  2. Take an accurate measurement of your head size by using a soft tape. You need to measure 1/2-inch above your ears and eyebrows and also the circumference of your head. You can ask somebody to take your measurement.
  3. Decide your head shape. It can be Regular Oval, Long Oval or Round Oval.
  4. Select where you would like to shop for girls cowboy hats, such as an online retailer or a local hat store.
  5. Purchase cheaper used cowboy hats through the online classifieds or auctions.
  6. For the best possible deal, go to any specialized online western hat store.