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Women Wedding Hats Types

Tiny Top Hats

The tiny top hat has become a hot trend between brides. The unique thing about these is that they are made of traditional women’s millinery materials unlike miniature men’s hats that are mostly made of satin. With the feminine touch of natural ivory, the white, or soft pink color, the wedding hats for women add a trendy touch. A little tulle netting, feathers, or silk flowers will add even more style. The more stylish it is, the stronger the statement you will make.

Vintage Style Wedding Hats

You can also go for vintage style wedding hats for women, which have been experiencing an increasing demand recently. Imagine your bridal look with a classic pillbox hat. This will give you a fashionable and fantastic look, if you wear it with a column wedding gown. You may also wear it with knee length sheath. Do not forget to choose contemporary jewelry and accessories that will go well with the it and the gown.

Updated Versions of Vintage Wedding Hats

Updated versions of old fashioned dresses or costumes have many times turned out to be a popular fashion trend. How about an updated version of 1920’s cloche! When you wear it close to your head over the eyebrows, you are sure to look fantastic and mystical, especially if you have a round face and chin length hair. Updated versions of cloche wedding hats often come with various special features like light beading or lace embellishments.

Fascinator – a Nontraditional Touch

If you think about having a non-traditional bridal fashion theme, you can try a fascinator hat that has become very trendy as a nontraditional wedding hat for women. Fascinators are not as big in size as the traditional ones. However, they often come with unique features such as silk flowers of various sizes and colors, beading designs, showy feathers etc.